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Our Pricing & Services

From £1,995

All bookings include: an in-person or video consultation meeting over a hot beverage (or something stronger), all pre-wedding communications and meetings, a wedding questionnaire, a downloadable gallery of high-resolution images + a shareable gallery link for friends and family

POA for bespoke printed wedding albums

Getting Ready

Editorial wedding photography East Sussex
Creative wedding photography East Sussex
Natural wedding photography East Sussex
Book wedding photography East Sussex

For the getting ready + the pre-ceremony part of the day; we split up and shoot both wedding parties, making sure we don't miss those special moments. Make sure you both nominate someone to keep your getting ready rooms and spaces free of clutter/tidy up after breakfast/lunch. Anything left will likely be in the background of your photos. Make sure you choose rooms with as much natural light as possible and get ready near windows. Not only will it help us, but any hair and makeup artists will also be very grateful for this too! 

We'll document the dress or suit, any jewellery, cufflinks, flowers, save the dates/invites. So if there are any keepsakes you'd like us to include, let us know and bring it along!

We highly recommend your bridesmaids/groomsmen to get dressed first, so that when we capture the getting into the dress/suit shots, the "reveal" moments and meeting mum/dad, we have everyone dressed how they should be!

Once you are all ready, we (Isla & Andrew) join forces at the venue, and work together for the rest of the day

Before The Ceremony

We capture a variety of photos before the ceremony as the guests arrive; all those lovely moments of the mingling and chatting before the ceremony begins. If there are any specific family members and groups of friends in addition to the wedding parties on both sides, just let us know in the pre-wedding questionnaire, and we'll be sure to include them in the shots as much as possible.

We'll of course document the ceremony venue and décor, as well as any special details, such as the wedding favors, flowers, and signage.

As there are two of us, we can capture the ceremony space from different angles, including the altar, seating chart, and aisle ahead of your arrival.

Best Wedding Photographer Kent
Wedding Photographer Kent
Editorial wedding photography Kent
Natural wedding photography Kent

Your Wedding Ceremony

We will be quietly capturing your guests anticipation and your arrival. One of us will be positioned at the front (Isla has often hid amongst the choir!) and one of us at the back, meaning you'll get to see the images from different perspectives. 

When walking up and down the aisle, remember to breathe, take your time, and look up. We want to capture you looking at each other and your guests, (not the floor). Easier said than done of course, so have a think about practicing at home or with friends and family, so you are used to walking with your heads held high! 

If you can remember, try holding your kiss for a few seconds (the longer the better!), as this will give us both enough time to capture that forever moment. Many couples including ourselves feel this part is over in a flash, so take the time to enjoy it, focus on each other and smile.

One last thing here; make sure (if permitted) everyone has bucket loads of biodegradable confetti!

Creative wedding photography Kent
Book wedding photography Kent

Group Shots

This can be formal or informal - just let us know who you'd like us to capture in the questionnaire, and we'll be sure to have the list ready to go. These are the most important people in your lives, altogether - so lets make sure we capture them!

Best Wedding Photographer West Sussex
Natural wedding photography West Sussex
Editorial wedding photography West Sussex
Wedding Photographer West Sussex

Portraits Of You

Probably one of your first quiet moments as newlyweds!

We will capture you in and around the venue, and we can discuss ahead of the wedding any special requests you have (shots with pets, different shoes, a location down the road etc.)

Wedding Reception
& Late Evening

The welcome drinks, the wedding breakfast, the speeches, the cake cutting, the smashing of plates or pots - we will capture all of the emotions. We do try and stay for a bit after the first dance so we don't miss people letting their hair down!

Wedding Photographer Hastings
Book wedding photography West Sussex
Creative wedding photography West Sussex

Post-Wedding Service

Expect some "taster" shots from your special day within 7 days. As we edit and correct all our own images and never outsource, it  may take up to 8 weeks to receive your completed photo album

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