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Quick tips - wedding day portraits

Deciding who makes the cut for those cherished wedding day portraits can be tricky - everyone wants photos with the happy couple! To help, we have come up with some guidance based on our wedding photography experience: Before we invite the wedding party and family to join in, be sure to budget time for plenty of portraits together just the two of you, in between the hustle and bustle. This could be by a classic car, in the venue grounds, different rooms of the building or even out and about in the town/village. These are your wedding portraits, so let your individual personalities shine through! These photos will be the cornerstone of your wedding album. We can decide a suitable backdrop for your friends and family + wedding party portraits in advance (depending on venue and weather). Who you invite to be included is personal. All we recommend is this part of the shoot is no longer than 20 minutes. We have been stuck in situations where portraits took nearly 90 minutes, and this takes us away from capturing the candid, real life emotions of your guests, which make better photos! Great photos to capture more candidly are clusters of cousins, friends, old housemates, aunts and uncles. We will shoot extra moments during the reception of impromptu groups having fun together – this is what it’s all about!

Carefully choosing who to include ensures you get memorable portraits with your nearest and dearest.

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