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Quick tips - the wedding reception

We want your wedding celebrations to be joyful and free-flowing! As your photographers, we specialise in capturing natural, fun memories without overly posing people or disrupting the flow of your party. Here are our top tips for achieving authentic reception photos you’ll treasure: We will limit images during dining (where we will take a quick break) and rejoin ahead of time for speeches. We will photograph laughter, tender glances, and candid conversation. Tell your families to ignore us and continue enjoying each other’s company! Beautiful images happen organically. (Weather permitting) maximise golden hour: we can time your formal photos to start as the sun is low, bathing you both in gorgeous light. We’ll sneak away 20 minutes before sunset to capture romantic portraits with a glowy, magical quality against the beautiful sky. Highlight venue details: the flowers, table settings, décor surrounding you - these visual elements showcase what makes your wedding unique! We will snap creative detail shots throughout the event without interrupting the action so you can remember your décor. Have fun with cutting the cake! Take your time so we can capture the action and enjoy a taste before your guests get stuck in! Enjoy the dancing and savour every moment. We will be there to capture the fun and emotion, and stay 30-60 minutes after the first dance, to ensure we shoot as many people letting their hair down on the dancefloor as possible.

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