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Quick tips for grooms - getting ready!

Here are some hints and tips for the groom as you get ready for one of the biggest days of your life! We know you may be feeling a mix of excitement, anxiety, and eagerness all at once. Our goal is to help you relax into the moment and capture photos along the way. First things first; build in some buffer time, especially if you have groomsmen joining you. Between showering, shaving, suiting up, and cracking a few cold ones with your party, things may take longer than you expect. Make sure to start getting ready a little early so you won't feel time pressured. Through our experience, we find most grooms want three things; some great getting ready shots, photos with their groomsmen, and a little peace and quiet to soak in the gravity of what’s to come. Let your party know we’d love 10-15 minutes with you for a quick photoshoot. This will allow us to snap that iconic shot tying your tie and sliding on your jacket, along with some candid moments between you and the group. During this time, be fully present instead of glued to your phone. Take a deep breath and sprinkle in a few private moments to reflect on your relationship and what today signifies. These honest feelings and reactions make fantastic photos for your album that you'll treasure for life. Most importantly, enjoy yourself today! Soak up time with your groomsmen/wedding party and take a deep breath. We will be there to support and capture these once-in-a-lifetime memories.

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