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Quick tips - being prepared for the ceremony

Your ceremony will truly be the heart of your wedding day. We want to make sure we capture all those special moments you’ll cherish - so we have some tips to make the most of our photography during this important time! Our first recommendation is planning ceremony staging with photography in mind. If possible, have your officiant stand in a spot that receives ample lighting. This way guests in attendance can see clearly and we’ll achieve stellar bright photos. Speaking of guests, be strategic with your seating chart! Space out family instead of sitting them all in one pew/row. This will allow us to move around and capture the whole room/space, rather than one concentrated area. Remind guests not to use cameras or hold up tablets/phones that could distract or block you during the ceremony. The easiest way to guarantee this is to ask the celebrant/registrar to inform guests before, and/or to have a sign clearly visible, as people walk into the venue. This is also a good time to mention if you do not wish anyone to post images/videos to social media. In terms of key moments, make sure to build in traditional photo opportunities you expect like ring exchanges, unity rituals or special music performances and readings. Share your full ceremony outline with us ahead of time so we can plan the right angles. If you have any unique traditions like rope binding or wine unity ceremonies, we can discuss optimal lighting and placement. Remember not to face guests the entire time - make sure to face one another while reciting vows, holding hands and when you kiss! Speaking of kissing, when the time comes, hold it for at least 5 seconds, to give us time to capture multiple images of this amazing and memorable moment! Finally, don’t worry about holding a pose or looking at the camera too much. Focus on one another and being fully present as you exchange such intimate promises. We will capture candid smiles, tears and all the heartfelt emotions that shine through.

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